100 word challenge- The thief that got raked, steaked and breaked for stealing my cake that took hours and hours and hours to bake.


I hate that person who stole my cake

And that is why I dumped them in the lake.

All day I had worked on my fabulous cake

It took hours and hours and hours to bake.

Then the thief stole my fabulous cake!

I was angry, so I whacked him with a rake.

His neck I was about to break.

But instead I whacked him with a steak

And then I went and dumped him in the lake

I did it for everyone’s sake!

He made a very big mistake.

I bet now his head will ache.



Goals for Term 4


Work and study:

I want to learn more about coding and I want to create a game. I also want to get better at algebra and not be afraid to try new things.

Things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  • Practise at home
  • Have a play around on Scratch
  • Not be afraid to miss lessons
  • Go to districts (if I get into it)
  • Not be afraid to ask


Fun and friendship:

I want to play more than just one game at recess all the time and play with different people sometimes. I also want to be more confident when dribbling the ball in soccer.

Things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  • Make more friends
  • Practise dribbling the ball
  • Experiment with different games


Next year I would like to get better at:


Next year I would like to learn more about physics and I would like to get better at public speaking and technology.

100 word challenge- My holidays


On the holidays I went to my friend’s farm. It was a 3 hour ride. We swam in the dam, shot a target with my bow and arrow, went on their trampoline, rode our bikes, played with their huge pile of Lego and did lots of other fun things! Unfortunately on the morning of our last day there I woke up and my hand was really itchy. I looked at it and saw it was all swollen. We put a bandage on it and drove to the doctors. They said I needed to take some antibiotics and it was an insect bite, probably a spider bite. They gave us the pills and said I had to have one 4 times a day. We drove back home and did what the doctor said. My hand got better and I was happy… Until school started again. 😭

100 word challenge- …so, what lies ahead of…


I traveled to the future yesterday. I know, you probably don’t believe me, you probably think I’m crazy, but it’s true. I really did travel to the future. And I really did discover something crazy. I discovered that I will win a million dollars, buy a house, donate some money to charity, give the house to mum and dad, buy a drone, crash the drone, be sad, buy an even better drone, be happy, realise I only have a thousand dollars left, be sad, buy a pie, eat the pie, buy Gatorade, drink Gatorade, look on the back of the bottle and see the code for an online competition, enter in the online competition, win, get a million dollars and start the cycle all over again. So, what lies ahead of me is good luck. 🍀

100 word challenge: The Yeti


We were climbing to the top of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, we saw something really weird. It was footprints, on the ground, but not normal footprints… huge ones! We couldn’t believe it! We took as many photos as we could. When we got back we’d be on the news! We didn’t even worry about finishing our adventure. We were too excited. We rushed down the mountain. Unfortunately, we had climbed quite a bit, so it was a long way back. Suddenly we heard growling behind us. We spun around, seeing the Yeti, the very thing that had made the footprints. With one quick swipe, it killed us, taking the photos with it, never to be seen again.


100 word challenge: … then suddenly it went dark…


I am in my lounge room watching TV and eating a bowl of ice-cream. I’m watching this crappy show because there’s nothing else on. It’s about a kid who was watching TV and then the lights when out and he heard growling and then a monster ate him. It sucks. I have to admit, though, I did get a little bit scared when he heard growling. But only a little bit scared. Finally it finished and I turned over the channel, but then suddenly it went dark. I looked around, slightly scared. It must be the power lines, I thought. But then I stopped. Oh no. I had just heard growling.

100 word challenge: The laughing seal


I like ice-cream. It’s delicious. Mouth-wateringly delicious. So delicious that even my dog who doesn’t even like dog food likes it. But I hate when it gets dropped in dog poo. I really really really hate when it gets dropped in dog poo. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hate when it gets dropped in dog poo. I don’t mind when it happens to other people. I actually like when it happens to other people because it’s funny. But I hate when it happens to me. And that’s what happened just then. I looked up sadly and saw… A SEAL LAUGHING AT ME!!!!