My group’s Edison protocode


Our protocode: The Edison will move forward until it senses an object. If it senses an object it will turn left, move forward, turn right, move forward, then turn right, move forward, and then finally turn left and keep going to a certain spot until it either reaches another obstacle or reaches the point it was trying to get to.


The mars rover is trying to get to another patch of land so that it can find new rock samples, but there are boulders in the way. So if it senses an obstacle, it will turn left, move forward, turn right, move forward, then turn right, move forward, and then finally turn left and keep going to the patch with new rock samples, unless there is another obstacle in which case it repeats this process.



This video was about a boy named Solli Raphael and his poems. The thirteen- year old Solli Raphael has been writing poems since he was nine. He also performs them. He is really into slam poetry, and he also used to draw comics and write stories. He often writes poems about politics and pollution. Does he earn money from this? How does he get them published? I could probably be able to do that too but it would take a lot of work and also you would have to know the right people.

100 word challenge: … but they were exhausted…


Alright. Lets diddley-iddly do this (to quote Ned Flanders from the Simpsons). TWEEET! The whistle blows and we’re off! My friends and I are competing in a team marathon of 40 kilometres, and I have a good feeling that we’re going to win. It’s our first time, but I reckon we’ll do alright and maybe even claim the first prize, 50,000 v-bucks. So far we’ve run about a kilometre. I look back on my team to tell them to go faster, but they were already exhausted. Uh-oh. They’re tired already? How are we going to manage like this?

BTN- Humans in space


This video was about all the times humans were sent into space. During the school holidays the world will celebrate the anniversary of the first time a person was sent into space. The first country to go into space was Russia. In 1969 the Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first people on the moon. Why don’t Russia and America just team up? Have they already? In the future we will probably have traveled to way more planets than just Mars and the moon.

150 word challenge- … we seemed to be on the television…


Aaah. Can life get any better? Me and my best buddy Jackson are sitting on my couch, playing Fortnite and eating barbeque potato chips. He’s come over to my house for a sleepover and so far we’ve been staying up all night playing Fortnite. I am tier 99 and I need a win to get to tier 100, but the Fortnite servers are shutting down to update to season 7. So basically, I need to win this game to get to tier 100 and there is no other way. There is only one person left and… he 360 no-scopes me and I die, and then he does take the L. “NO WAY” I scream, and throw the controller across the room, which shatters against the wall. “Dude, let’s just watch some television.” Jackson says. He changes the channel and weirdly enough, we seemed to be on the television. I moved my hand and the me on the screen moved his and too. Okay, this was too weird. Then suddenly it showed both me and Jackson dying. Uh oh. That can’t be good.

BTN- Mars experiment


This video was about people set up in a dome to try to simulate what it would be like living on Mars. A small group of people were set up in an 11 metre- wide dome to see what it would be like living on Mars. They have hardly any privacy, and not much entertainment. But if they are able to get through this and the 1-3 year journey to Mars then it will open up many possibilities. When will humans travel to Mars? Could you survive in this dome? It would be very hard and you would get bored super easily.

By Hamish Talko

100 word challenge: Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty


Well, here I am. Billy the dancing gorilla, performing for my first time at the Da Silva circus. Whoo, boy. Here we go. I have to dance across the tight rope, with no harness, no nothing, just a pretty little pink tutu. If a fall, it’s a 100 metre drop onto solid yellow bricks. I would definitely perish. Ok. Let’s do this. I climb up the ladder and start taking deep breaths. Ok. I can do this. No I can’t. Yes I can. No I actually can’t. I climb down the ladder as fast as I can and see two big emu guards coming. Oh crap. This is the time to start running. So I do.

100 wc- … because I said so…


“O’ mighty Oracle, tell us the answer to life, tell us the answer to the universe, and tell us the answer to everything and everything! Tell us the answer to the question that people have pondered for millions of years! Tell us the ultimate answer!” Says Fredougle the third.

“Ok,” Says the Oracle in a deep, raspy voice. “The answer to the question of life, the universe, everything and anything, the answer to the question that people have pondered forever. The answer to this question is…”


“Cheeze doodles.”

“WHAT? Why is the answer?”

“Because I said so.”

Stupid space thing that made me stay in at recess


This video was about the planets in the solar system. Jupiter is the largest planet. There are four terrestrial planets and four gas giants, not including Pluto. Earth is the only inhabitable planet. Why did I have to stay in at recess when I already watched the video? When will all the planets die? When the sun swallows Earth, I wonder if we will have already moved to another planet by then.

Mars rover BTN


This video was about how NASA has sent a Mars rover to Mars. It is currently on Mars, gathering information. It was sent up in 2012. It has lots of high tech equipment such as lasers. NASA was extremely happy when the landing was a success. How long until the rover runs out of charge? Is it solar-powered? Scientists predict that in about 40 years humans will have landed on Mars.