The crickets- A camp poem

As we put on our helmets,

I was as excited as I could be,

Until I got told about the crickets,

Which really scared me.

As I crawled down the hole,

I knew I had to be brave,

for I was scared of the crickets,

right down in the cave.

I heard a drip and a drop,

Which made me jump high,

I was really freaked out now,

And this was no lie.

I kept telling myself

That I would be fine,

But I still could not keep calm.

I hate that fear of mine!

The lady told us

All about a stalactite.

It was very interesting,

And It was quite a sight.

When we moved on,

I started to relax.

But then I got scared again,

When everything went pitch black.

“Turn on your torches”

The lady said.

“Unless you’d rather

Go back instead?”

As we crawled on,

I couldn’t see any crickets.

It was starting to feel like

A really awesome exhibit.

But then one kid said,

“Everyone look up there!”

And there were two crickets,

They gave me a scare.

I hoped and hoped

That they would not fall

For if they did,

I was sure to bawl.

As we crawled past them,

It was not so bad.

And when we climbed out of the cave,

I actually felt glad!

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2 thoughts on “The crickets- A camp poem

  1. Wow Hamish- what a rollicking poem.
    You should be very proud of the way you can find so many appropriate rhymes and keep to the rhythm you created. It means your poem charges along taking us with it.
    I particularly loved the way you focused on the way you overcame your fear through all the amazing sights and sounds that distract you.
    In future when you have a go at poetry, you might want to not worry about rhyming and this will free you you up to experiment with a range of other poetic techniques such as similes and metaphors-some of the most vivid and powerful poems don’t rhyme, but evoke an emotional response through other descriptive poetic techniques.
    Great work!

  2. Hi Hamish,
    Great poem I like how you rhymed so many words it was really good and I loved reading it

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