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This video was about two soldiers who were underpaid so they purposely stole something and got caught because they thought being a convict would be easier. But instead of sentencing them to travel, the judge made them examples and sentenced them to 7 years hard labour with chains. One of them died and people argued if the government did something wrong. Soldiers get lousy pay. Convicts have signed hours, agreed rates of pay, and when they’ve done their time they can even apply for land grants. Francis Faubs had a job to ensure that the laws made in Australia are not repugnant to the laws in England.  How do the chains work? How did Suds die? Do not try to get into trouble on purpose because the punishments might be worst than you think.


2 thoughts on “Viewing reflection

  1. Hamish,
    I love the way you clearly explain the important details in this piece. You manage to put all your information into your own words in an engaging and flowing paragraph. I particularly like your insight- it draws together a lesson from this story from 2 centuries ago that is universal and relevant to even a school child in 2017!
    Great work,

  2. Hi Hamish,
    I really like how your reflection is so simple but has heaps of information packed into it. I really like your insight, because it really does kinda mean that they shouldn’t want to be a convict (if that makes sense).
    Great job!

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