BTN-The first fleet

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This video was about what it was like to be a kid traveling on the first fleet and also some facts about the first fleet. Some notes I took were: Britain had colonies in Africa and America where it sends criminals.  But then the Americans rose up against the English. Australia got claimed by Captain Cook in 1770.Arthur Phillip was chosen to lead the colony in Australia. Some questions I had were: Why didn’t the Africans stand up to the English too? Who was the King/Queen of England at that time? Insights: The English are very harsh with punishments and put children in jail.  Extra information on other video:

Native people didn’t know what cows were and they thought the English were ‘ghost people’. What did they think the English people would do to them? Natives didn’t know very much about the English.

I think these videos were sort of about the same thing, because they were both about the English coming to Australia.