100 word challenge: Hamburger!

fast supper Gloucester cathedral

Weird goal: Use a lot of capitol letters.

Yes! Yes! Yes! My delicious hamburger! I have waited years for this moment! Trapped in a wall, and now I’m finally free! But no, what’s this? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! MY HAMBURGER! THE STUPID WITCH WHO TRAPPED ME IN THE WALL IS BACK! AND SHE’S FIRED A SPELL AT ME! THAT SAME SPELL! AND THE HAMBURGER IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! IT’S EITHER I DIE WITH THE HAMBURGER OR I LIVE WITHOUT THE HAMBURGER! Sadly, I make my decision. I get trapped in the wall again but now at least have my hamburger. 😋

One thought on “100 word challenge: Hamburger!

  1. Hi Hamish
    I really liked how you made the 100wc relate to another 100wc I would say that’s a good idea I also liked your story line great work!

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