100 word challenge- …I just couldn’t eat something so…


The pile of snails sat in front me. How could anyone expect me to eat that!? I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting! With their crunchy shells and slimy inside… I couldn’t even look at them. Me and my mum were visiting France, and in case you didn’t know, FRENCH PEOPLE EAT SNAILS! I mean, what the hell? Anyway, I knew I had to eat them or I wouldn’t get desert. And we were having custard and chocolate pudding for desert; my FAVOURITE. Well, if I don’t eat them then I won’t get any desert, so I decided to give it a try. I opened my mouth and lowered one in…

BTN- Homework debate




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This video was about the debate whether primary school kids should have homework or not. Some researchers say that homework doesn’t give kids better grades when they’re older. Some schools don’t have homework. Richard Walker wrote a book saying that less homework is better. How do the kids in schools that don’t have homework feel about homework? Do they want it or not? It would be pretty cool if you were in a school didn’t even have homework!

100 word challenge- …the slime dripped through…


I was slowly melting, turning into a liquid before my eyes. First my feet, now my legs! It felt like I had been in a swimming pool for a year and then had acid shot at me. And the really bad news was that I was standing on a drain! I had tried to run away from it but since my legs were melted I couldn’t move. This was all because of Dr. Dinkum! He blasted me with his weird gun and now I’m stuck here! But that was an hour ago. Geez, it’s taking a long time for me to melt all the way. Finally, as the slime dripped through the drain, I said my prayers and waved goodbye to the world. It was time for me to go.