Onomatopoeia and alliteration car chase poem

Onomatopoeia and alliteration car chase poem


Wee woo! Sirens wail.

Bang! Buildings burn and churn.

Screech! Shatter! Smash!

Crash! Another car destroyed.

Coins clatter on the ground.

Jewels stolen by the pound.

Guns break glass.

Alarms shout and scream.

Helicopter lights beam.

Pow! Poor police perish.

4 thoughts on “Onomatopoeia and alliteration car chase poem

  1. Hi hamish
    This poem has a lot of good alliteration and onomatopoeia. I think that all of it really worked in the poem. Also I like how you included some rhyme.

  2. I really like this poem Hamish.
    I like your use of Onomatopoeia and the action you used it in.

    Awesome work Hamish.

  3. Hey Hamish,
    This poem is great i really liked how you included alliteration and onomatopoeia really well which is something we have learnt in the poem unit.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Hey Hamish,
    I really liked your poem because you had a lot of alliteration and onomatopoeia. I saw a little bit of rhyming which was cool and you used awesome words. Good job!
    Keep writing,

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