100 word challenge- Blockmen

Hello. I am mister blockman. I have a wife and a daughter. We came to earth from outer space but cannot let anyone see us. Anytime someone non-blockman comes past we have to pretend we are statues. Our mission is to observe the non-blockmans; the creatures who call themselves humans. After we have observed them enough we will decide whether or not to take over their planet, depending how good at fighting they are and what weapons they have. We will go back to our planet, planet of the blockpeople, and get reinforcements to then take over the planet ‘earth’.

One thought on “100 word challenge- Blockmen

  1. I got a hundred words, but maybe I could have put dashes between the words so It makes it look like he’s speaking like a robot. Also It was funny.
    -Feedback from Aiden

    From Hamish
    (Who is also a beast)

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