100 word challenge: Leg poem

Oh my oh my oh my oh my!

Could it have come from the sky?

Maybe, It’s something I can’t deny.

I give you permission to splatter me with pie,

The creamy, soft, apple kind of pie,

If I am telling a lie.

But on that day, unless my eyes did lie.

I swear that I saw two legs that could fly!

They must have come from the sky

And when they crashed next to I

Of fright, I almost did die!



2 thoughts on “100 word challenge: Leg poem

  1. Its GREAT I love it its so cool the way that it rimes it really caches the audiences attention I just think its great and it looked like you spent a lot of time on it its great man you should keep it up.

  2. Hi Hamish,
    I love how you did a poem very different, but it wasn’t much of a story I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a story in 100WCs. Nice work.

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