“NO!” I shouted. “DON’T DO IT!” I yelled frantically from the bottom of the crimson building. My friend was standing on top of the building, about to commit suicide. His last family member, his father, had just died, and he felt like it was all his fault. Also, he had lost his fortune gambling and had started drinking heavily. Poor thing, I thought. Suddenly, he shouted “Goodbye world!” and jumped. It was about a 500 metre jump from the misty top of the building. There was no way he could survive it! But just as he was about to fall to his grave, Superman came in caught him, saving the day!

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge- SHOUTED CRIMSON MISTY FRANTICALLY GRAVE

  1. You did it on the first day good work now 100wc is done with for you i liked how he was saved by super man at the end and it was sad that his dad had recently died it was very interesting i mean like 500 meters high!

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