100 word challenge: “When did it arrive?” I said

I was playing Fortnite when my friend Pete called me. “Quick! Come over right now!” He said. “I can’t” I replied. “There’s only five more people left in my game. I’ll come over afterwards.” “Ok” He said, and then he hung up. Later, after winning my game of Fortnite, I rode over to his house and asked him what was up. We shared some brownies and then he told me to follow him. We went outside to his backyard. There was a little purple asteroid of some sort in the ground. “It cam from the sky” he said. “When did it arrive?” I said.

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge: “When did it arrive?” I said

  1. hehe….such a boring day….but ending in such a mega-unusual way. I reckon it would have been worth missing a bit of Fortnite to get there earlier!
    Nice one

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