Cyber safety webinar

Today we had a cyber safety webinar. We listened to a man talking about cyber safety stuff, wrote down some notes and chatted on the website. Even though I was at a music lesson for most of it, here are some of the notes I took:

A lot of kids get targeted with winning free iPhones, which is spam! To protect computers and phones, have strong passwords, have a firewall, turn off GPS tracking, don’t use your real full name. Some kids think that sharing passwords is a sign of trust, but don’t do it! About 12% of kids in grade 3-6 don’t notice the spam and try to win stuff. The ways you can login to phones are fingerprints, eyes or your face and soon they will do heartbeat because everyone has a different heartbeat. Spammers ask for photos of your face, eyes and fingers so that they can log into your stuff.

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