BTN- Lab grown meat



This video was about scientists who are making lab grown meat. Australia rates in the top 10 countries in the world for the amount of meat we eat. It takes more than 15,00 litres of water to get a single kilogram of beef (because you need to give the cow water to drink). Also, people like the taste of meat but don’t like killing animals, so scientists are making lab grown meat, though some people think that it shouldn’t be called meat because it’s not from an animal, and want to make a law to ban it. The first lab grown meat took $400,000 to make, but since then companies have started investing and the prices have dropped. Does the meat taste the same? Will they be able to make substitutes for other things, like donuts, potatoes, chicken and other food? In the future they will probably have mastered the substitute meat and be working on other substitute food.