100 word challenge- …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

Volcanoes. What wonderful things. Sure, sometimes they kill people, but so what? That’s their own fault for not being careful enough around volcanoes! Anyway, I, the world’s most famous volcanologist, am about to look deep into the heart of the hottest volcano, Wuppamungachunga. I’m trekking up the side of it, and I’m about halfway there.

Three quarters of the way there!

Eleven twelfths of the way there and…………

Yes! I’ve made it! I’ve made it to the very tip top of the Wuppamungachunga volcano. Woohoo! So, as I looked over the edge, I saw the volcano brimming with la… Balloons? Ok, somebody’s messing with me here!

6 thoughts on “100 word challenge- …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

  1. Hamish, this is gold- well paced and wonderfully amusing. You have such a wonderful eye for comic voice and timing.
    What fun!

  2. That was……. hilarious >”<. One thing to think about is that the ending isn't really an ending. Yeah, there are balloons ( spooky right??🤨) and someones playing a prank on you, but who? Like, what's going to happen next?????

  3. I liked the part where you looked over and there where balloons but maybe you should of said more detail where they all the same color where they floating other than that it was great.

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