100 word challenge: Tug of war

The epic 30 kilometer long tug of war between Australia and America. Every single person in Australia and America is here. Babies, old ladies, pregnant mothers, overweight fathers, even Donald Trump is here (though he is surrounded by security guards). The tug of war started half an hour ago, and no progress has been made. Oh? What’s this? I am getting reports that the rope is starting to break! It’s down to three strands! Two strands! The last strand! And the rope has broken and everyone competing has now fallen backwards onto their heads and is now dead. So all the other countries built a memorial to commemorate the loss of the entire Australia and America.


3 thoughts on “100 word challenge: Tug of war

  1. I like the idea that it was about a tug of war between America and Australia. I also like the end were they make memorial of all the dead people.

  2. Great Story. I liked how you listed the people that were there in the tug of war. Are Australia and America really 30 kilometers apart? It was a really funny story. How could Australia and America built a big grave if there were no people to build it because you said that everyone in the Tug of War? Great Story.

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