100 word challenge: Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera


I was looking at the most disgusting thing in my life. The hard, big, brown, awful thing was sitting there, motionless and horrible. It was anything but beautiful. How could a dog do a poo so big? I grabbed out my camera and took a picture. It was hard to ignore a sight like this. Then I started to wonder if it was a dog’s poo. Could it have been a human? Maybe. I looked around the park to see if I could spot a dog, or even a human. But there was nobody there.

100 word challenge: …but how could something so tiny…


But… but… I don’t understand! How could something so tiny… Oh. Hi. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. I’m talking about what happened at the zoo today. I was looking at the elephant enclosure when I saw an elephant being lifted up. I looked underneath to see what it was… AND FOUND OUT IT WAS A MOUSE! I couldn’t believe my eyes! So yeah, that’s what I’m wondering about. I mean, what would you do if you suddenly saw an elephant lifted up by a mouse? You’d be pretty shocked, right?

100 word challenge: …so that is why i am always last…


I was taking my dog for a walk when I heard a strange noise coming from behind some trees. I walked over and looked behind them. I couldn’t believe it! There was a frozen mummy standing right in front of me! I walked over to it and inspected it closely. Suddenly it spoke. “I have cursed you with an ancient curse. If you ever come first in anything you will die!” It said in a raspy voice. Then it disappeared. Now, I didn’t know whether to believe him or not, but I decided to just in case. So that is why I am always last.