BTN- Levels of government



This video was about the three levels of government and what powers they have. There are three types of government; Federal, state/territory and local. Federal takes care of defense, trade, immigration, stuff with other countries, money, taxes, communications and the environment. State takes care of health, education, mining, agriculture, police, courts, roads, trains, law and order and public transport. Finally, local takes care of local roads, garbage, pets, local buildings and permits. Are state and federal both in parliament house? What does the house of representatives do? Federal has more power than state, but state has more power than local.

BTN- Voting changes



This BTN was about how the government is planning to get rid of group voting tickets. Right now people get to order their favourite senate candidates from one to the end, which can take a while. Most people don’t want to fill out all of them, so instead they just vote for their number one and let that candidate decide the rest. That’s known as a group voting ticket. Smaller parties often make preference deals, which is where one small party agrees to preference another small party, so they are more likely to get elected. When was this rule made? What is a senate? I reckon it’s cool how they came up with the group voting ticket system and how it works.





BTN- Democracy



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This BTN was about how and why the Greeks came up with democracy. The ancient Greeks came up with democracy. Democracy comes from two Greek words; Demos- People and Kratos- Power or rule. Monarchy means that the country is ruled by a king or queen born into royalty. When did democracy change to representative democracy? What is a country that is in anarchy? Back in ancient Greece it was unfair if you were a slave or a woman.

BTN- 20 years of Harry Potter


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This video was about how old the Harry Potter books are. The Harry Potter series is 20 years old. Quidditch is now an actual sport. The Philosopher’s stone was rejected by publishers many times and initially only 500 copies were made. It has been translated into 73 different languages. When was the first Harry Potter book drafted? When was the final Harry Potter book made? Harry Potter wasn’t actually made that long ago. 


BTN- Future lifespan


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This video was about how long the average lifespan is. People now are generally living longer than any other time in history. The longest most humans will live for is around 115 years. The oldest person to have ever lived was aged 122. Will scientists ever discover/make a pill that lets you live forever? Where did the term ‘kick the bucket’ come from? We will live longer in the future. 

BTN- Federation explained

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This video was about the commonwealth of Australia. Things could have been different for Australia if the dutch explorer, Able Tasman, who discovered Australia, stuck around. We’d all be speaking dutch! Australia wasn’t claimed until 1770. You couldn’t travel by train between Melbourne and Brisbane because the train tracks were different widths. When did the countries come together? When he discovered Australia, was Cook alone? Back then everything was sexist and racist.

Viewing reflection

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This video was about two soldiers who were underpaid so they purposely stole something and got caught because they thought being a convict would be easier. But instead of sentencing them to travel, the judge made them examples and sentenced them to 7 years hard labour with chains. One of them died and people argued if the government did something wrong. Soldiers get lousy pay. Convicts have signed hours, agreed rates of pay, and when they’ve done their time they can even apply for land grants. Francis Faubs had a job to ensure that the laws made in Australia are not repugnant to the laws in England.  How do the chains work? How did Suds die? Do not try to get into trouble on purpose because the punishments might be worst than you think.


BTN-The first fleet

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This video was about what it was like to be a kid traveling on the first fleet and also some facts about the first fleet. Some notes I took were: Britain had colonies in Africa and America where it sends criminals.  But then the Americans rose up against the English. Australia got claimed by Captain Cook in 1770.Arthur Phillip was chosen to lead the colony in Australia. Some questions I had were: Why didn’t the Africans stand up to the English too? Who was the King/Queen of England at that time? Insights: The English are very harsh with punishments and put children in jail.  Extra information on other video:

Native people didn’t know what cows were and they thought the English were ‘ghost people’. What did they think the English people would do to them? Natives didn’t know very much about the English.

I think these videos were sort of about the same thing, because they were both about the English coming to Australia.