Letter to Ant


Hi Ant,

I’m Hamish and I’ve been at this school for 6 years. I have been in your class before so you probably already know a bit about me. I love video games, holidays, soccer and YouTubing. My favourite video game is Fortnite and I’ve been playing soccer in a team called the White Central Comets for 5 years.


I have a brother named Cohen and a sister named Liv. Cohen is in grade one this year and Liv is in grade four. Cohen is in Jess’s class and Liv is in Candice’s. Cohen has just started to play soccer this year in a team called the Blue Central Comets and Liv has been playing soccer for three years in a team called the Green Central Comets.


My mum has red hair and makes jewellery. She did a bachelor of science majoring in psychology. She ended up as a research fellow, but then had children and chose to make jewellery. My dad is an engineer who likes cars and currently is working at Ambulance Victoria. He used to work at Ford but then wanted to move onto something different and changed to a company that certifies GPS equipment. He moved on from there and is now working at Ambulance Victoria.


I have two really cute cousins who are identical twins, Sienna and Siam. They are girls and are four years old. My grandma and grandpa live apart and we visit them occasionally. I have a nana and a great auntie, but we just call her auntie. I have one uncle and one auntie (who live in Japan) on my dad’s side and one uncle and one auntie on my mum’s side. My mum’s dad died when she was seven. Finally I have a great uncle and a great auntie who live in New South Whales.


On the holidays we went to Shepparton, where they had cow sculptures everywhere, the world’s biggest playground and really fun water activities. It was a nice and relaxing place to stay, and I enjoyed it a lot. We normally go for a three hour drive up to Boort on the holidays to see our friends who own a farm, but we ran out of time so we didn’t get to go. I also went away to Rye with my friend Tem for three days. It is near the beach, and the place we were staying at had a spa and two gigantic TVs, so we basically just went to the beach, relaxed in the spa and watched TV the whole time. They also had a trampoline there but it wasn’t very bouncy.


Over the holidays I also learnt how to juggle, which was very fun. I learnt some more songs on our piano and got a new game on my ps4. I wanted to try doing something new as well as soccer and swimming, so I am going to start learning parkour, and maybe tennis. I used to play tennis but after a couple of years I decided to quit. Now I am thinking of giving it another try, because when I used to play tennis I only did training and no competitions, so that is why I got bored and quit. This time I might do the competitions, so hopefully that will be more interesting.


I hope you enjoyed learning about me.




Check out The Taco Thief on YouTube


Hi guys.

If you like my blog I really recommend you check out my channel on YouTube (called The Taco Thief). I do all sorts of things on there such as slow motion videos, challenges, how-to’s, DIY’s, science experiments, compilations, timelapses, trick shots, animations, pranks, competitions, tips and tricks and much, much more!

From Hamish (AKA The Taco Thief)




Hi guys,

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My goals for semester 1


name:         Hamish                                          .

Goals for semester 1


What I want to learn:


I want to get better at doing a good summary. I want all of my summaries to be concise and informative. Also, I want to get better at my six, seven, eight and nine times tables.



List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:



  • Practise at home
  • Learn new strategies
  • Learn more interesting words
  • Try to shorten sentences whenever possible



How I learn and behave:


I want to not be afraid to make mistakes and I also want to try new things.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


  • Not being afraid to miss lessons
  • Sometimes sacrificing lunchtimes (only sometimes)
  • Doing the spelling/writing/maths test
  • Going to Districts (if I get into it)