My goals for semester 1 2018


name:   Hamish Talko                                             .

Goals for semester 1


What I want to learn:


I want to learn how natural disasters are made and more about the government by the end of the semester.

I also want to read different and harder books.

Finally, I want to finish a book, type it up and sent it to a publisher.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


  • Borrowing different books from the library
  • Not giving up on a book
  • Paying full attention in class
  • Doing research in my own time
  • Asking questions


How I learn and behave:


I want to not get distracted as much and concentrate more on my work.

I also want to make learning fun for myself and others.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


  • Focus as much as I can
  • Make a joke every once in a while
  • Have a good sense of humour while learning at the same time

100 word challenge- Blockmen


Hello. I am mister blockman. I have a wife and a daughter. We came to earth from outer space but cannot let anyone see us. Anytime someone non-blockman comes past we have to pretend we are statues. Our mission is to observe the non-blockmans; the creatures who call themselves humans. After we have observed them enough we will decide whether or not to take over their planet, depending how good at fighting they are and what weapons they have. We will go back to our planet, planet of the blockpeople, and get reinforcements to then take over the planet ‘earth’.

Safer Internet Day


Today was safer internet day. We did a webinar about being kind and safe on the internet. Here ae some notes I took:

Safer internet day:

About being respectful.

Going online can be like being part of a sporting team;

It can be challenging, you can learn new things or skills.

You can feel left out or helpless.

If someone has something negative said about them reply to that post saying a nice comment about them.

Don’t tease or be mean online.

Don’t be racist.

Listen to opinions other than your own.


We had to make a pledge. Here is the pledge I made:

I pledge to help anyone who is having trouble on the internet and being cyberbullied.




Black trampolines and colourful mats

The rock climbing walls cast shadows on the floor

The quiet bounce of the trampolines is hardly heard over the shouts of kids

The soft material of the trampoline is like a giant pillow

How does this stretchy material hold my weight?

How was this fantastic place created?

I feel so free when I fly through the air

Though my stomach turns to jelly when I look down from the high obstacle course

I feel so free when I soar through the air. So free. So free.

Goals for Term 4


Work and study:

I want to learn more about coding and I want to create a game. I also want to get better at algebra and not be afraid to try new things.

Things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  • Practise at home
  • Have a play around on Scratch
  • Not be afraid to miss lessons
  • Go to districts (if I get into it)
  • Not be afraid to ask


Fun and friendship:

I want to play more than just one game at recess all the time and play with different people sometimes. I also want to be more confident when dribbling the ball in soccer.

Things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  • Make more friends
  • Practise dribbling the ball
  • Experiment with different games


Next year I would like to get better at:


Next year I would like to learn more about physics and I would like to get better at public speaking and technology.

Spencer’s Burrowing Frog


Here is the link to our video (copy and paste the link into the google search bar, or just click on the link. It will take you to a website. Make sure you click download through browser, not the other one) :!0YYQUZjB!TXdUsuKRLQjoiWTJIvy6-BntWRbGjNdVE7Kl0fpKPCQ

Here are some photos of our diagram, our model, our experiment plan and the explanation sheet for the diagram:



And here is our reflection:   Project reflection-140o90d







Spencer’s burrowing frog adaptations predictions


This term we have been learning about adaptations. Recently we have been assigned a research project. Here are some predictions I have about my animal:

I predict that Spencer’s burrowing frog can burrow into dirt and sand, hence it’s name. I think it would do this to get food and water, and sometimes even shelter. It would probably eat worms. I also think it has camouflage because I saw a picture of it and it looked dirt-colour. Also it might not need to be as moist as other frogs because it lives in a desert.

Aquarium excursion reflection


NOTE: This stuff is answered directly from the questions given to us so some of it might not make sense. REFLECTION: Because we saw lots of adaptations and got told about how they work and what they help the animal with. Q: Is Antarctica really a desert? A: Yes. Q: What is the most most venomous fish? A: The Lionfish. Shark eggs look like seaweed so they blend in with seaweed. If a predator comes the baby shark senses it and stays completely still. Lionfish have 18 venomous spikes sticking out of their body. Penguins have feathers that keep them warm and their babies are brown so they can blend in with boulders. Also when they want to cool down they open their arms to expose their blubber to the cool air. Turtles can live in and out of water. Lungfish have lungs and gills. Crocodiles can make their heartbeat really slow, so they can hold their breath for two hours. Fish clean the crocodile’s teeth so it can’t live without the fish. Fish are really colourful so they blend in with the coral and also give the illusion that they’re poisonous. It made me wonder about what creatures would have been like before they adapted.

Link to aquarium website: