5 things about a drill – Personification poem


The drill started screaming as soon as it was turned on. It slashed around at everything around it.

It destroyed the asphalt with it’s gigantic metal hand.

The drill angrily smashed the building to pieces, screaming about his pain.

The grey metal of the drill was scratched from going into battle with asphalt a million times.

The drill madly mashed the footpath to rubble.





100 word challenge: Flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow.


It was my birthday yesterday. We celebrated with lots of cake, balloons and presents. All of my friends came over. The cake was white chocolate flavoured. My favourite! But then it started to get bad. A candle fell into the cake and the cake burst into flame. Then a spark flew onto the curtains and set them alight. We put them out, but the curtains still got wrecked. Mum said she will take us out swimming tomorrow to make up for it, but I still felt sad. I hope next year will turn out better.




Black trampolines and colourful mats

The rock climbing walls cast shadows on the floor

The quiet bounce of the trampolines is hardly heard over the shouts of kids

The soft material of the trampoline is like a giant pillow

How does this stretchy material hold my weight?

How was this fantastic place created?

I feel so free when I fly through the air

Though my stomach turns to jelly when I look down from the high obstacle course

I feel so free when I soar through the air. So free. So free.

100 word challenge: …as the door slammed, I knew…


“That’s so unfair!” I shouted to my mum. “Why won’t you ever let me get anything I want?” “I told you, that drone is too expensive! We can’t afford it!” Mum says. “Yes we can! It only costs $800!” I say. “We are not getting it!” Says mum. “Arrrgh! You’re the worst mum ever!” I shout. “That’s it! Go to your room!” Mum says. I storm upstairs and wrench the door open. I go in and tug it closed as hard as I can but as the door slammed, I knew that I shouldn’t of done that. Now I would never get that drone.

100 word challenge- The thief that got raked, steaked and breaked for stealing my cake that took hours and hours and hours to bake.


I hate that person who stole my cake

And that is why I dumped them in the lake.

All day I had worked on my fabulous cake

It took hours and hours and hours to bake.

Then the thief stole my fabulous cake!

I was angry, so I whacked him with a rake.

His neck I was about to break.

But instead I whacked him with a steak

And then I went and dumped him in the lake

I did it for everyone’s sake!

He made a very big mistake.

I bet now his head will ache.