Book review worlds worst children


hi this is just another book review.

Reviewer’s name: Hamish.

Title: The world’s worst children.

Author: David Walliams.

Characters: Dribbling Drew; dribbles. Bertha the Blubberer; cries. Petula Perpetual-motion; can’t stopmoving. Nigel Nit-Boy; has and likes nits. Peter Picker; picks his nose. Grubby Gertrude; unclean. Brian Wong; show-off. Windy Mindy; farts a lot. Earnest Ernest; doesn’t laugh. Sofia Sofa; lazy.

Setting: School, space, home, museum.

Storyline(plot): Naughty children get taught a lesson, depending on what they did.

Your opinion: I think this is a fantastic book for mischievous kids because it teaches them more about mischief.

Rating: 5/5.