Book review: Wheelnuts


Hello everyone. Just got another book review here. Hope you like it!

Reviewer’s name: Hamish.

Title: Wheelnuts! The craziest race on earth!

Author: Knife & Packer.

Characters: Nutz and Boltz: High tech robots. Dustin and Myley: Cheesy pop singers. Turbo-rex and Flappy: Tough dinosaurs. Gurgle and Burp: Gross babies. Petrolnella and Dieselina: Fairies with an attitude. Campbell and James: Old school grandson and grandfather.

Settings: Wheelie city, the desert.

Storyline(plot): The six cars are racing when suddenly they come across two huge metal scorpions! What will they do?

Your opinion: I liked how crazy the race is, and I recommend it to anyone that likes freak street since it’s by the same author.

Rating: 4/5.