SRC speech


In the world there is darkness. There are robbers and spiders and gangsters. There is evil. But there is also good. Good that can defeat that evil. Good that is so goodly good that all the evil in the world could not defeat it. And that good’s name is in the next couple of words.

Hi. My name is Hamish. I think I would be an amazing SRC rep because I am very organized. I almost never forget my homework and I am not very messy. I bring the right books into class and I don’t forget my diary. I am also a good leader because I communicate well and I like to get things done efficiently. I play a team sport so I know how to collaborate.

If you nominate me I will bring lots of things to our school, such as extra recess on Wednesday, bring your pet to school day and Monday will be a half day. I will be a fantastic SRC rep and I will NOT be like Trump. I am thinking of starting up an Anti-Trump club.

Overall, I think I will be a great rep and you should definitely nominate me.

Safer internet day 2017


Today we watched a webinar about how to be safer on the internet. It was about your privacy and how to protect it. It showed us a competition called lollylab jnr. In that competition a girl went through a series of problems. After each problem we had to write an answer about what we would do in that situation. A future internet goal would be to start a youtube channel. (Hamish) Another future internet goal would be to mute people who hate. (Nic)

My reply letter to Ant


Dear Antony,

I have had a really fun time this holidays! My main focus of the holidays was going on a road trip. I went to all different types of places such as Canberra, Sydney, Albury and Wagga wagga! A few of my favourite things are soccer, video games and school holidays. My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is fish and chips. I have a brother named Cohen, a sister named Liv and a mum and dad. I also have a dog named Bella.

From Hamish.