Safer internet day 2017


Today we watched a webinar about how to be safer on the internet. It was about your privacy and how to protect it. It showed us a competition called lollylab jnr. In that competition a girl went through a series of problems. After each problem we had to write an answer about what we would do in that situation. A future internet goal would be to start a youtube channel. (Hamish) Another future internet goal would be to mute people who hate. (Nic)

My reply letter to Ant


Dear Antony,

I have had a really fun time this holidays! My main focus of the holidays was going on a road trip. I went to all different types of places such as Canberra, Sydney, Albury and Wagga wagga! A few of my favourite things are soccer, video games and school holidays. My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is fish and chips. I have a brother named Cohen, a sister named Liv and a mum and dad. I also have a dog named Bella.

From Hamish.