BTN: Bringing back the planet Pluto



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This video was about scientists who are trying to get Pluto back. Pluto is smaller than a number of moons in the solar system, including ours. A group of scientists are trying to get Pluto back as a planet. They say that we should classify planets by their characteristics, not by their size or location. Why do they want to bring back Pluto? How many scientists were on the project? There is a lot more celestial bodies than I thought. (110)



100 word challenge


Goal: To use words I don’t use often.

I will highlight the words I don’t use often.

In this paragraph I will explain to you about the magic of books. Books are fantastic. They are wondrous things. They bring stories to life! And today I will tell you about one particular book, that literally brings a story to life. This book has magical powers. If the reader opens it and reads the first sentence aloud, it will engulf the reader in a huge storm, then teleport it inside the book. The reader will be teleported to a pirate ship, and be held prisoner forever. The only way to get out of the book is to get the spyglass from the captain. How do I know all this? This stuff once happened to me.