Spencer’s burrowing frog adaptations predictions


This term we have been learning about adaptations. Recently we have been assigned a research project. Here are some predictions I have about my animal:

I predict that Spencer’s burrowing frog can burrow into dirt and sand, hence it’s name. I think it would do this to get food and water, and sometimes even shelter. It would probably eat worms. I also think it has camouflage because I saw a picture of it and it looked dirt-colour. Also it might not need to be as moist as other frogs because it lives in a desert.

Aquarium excursion reflection


NOTE: This stuff is answered directly from the questions given to us so some of it might not make sense. REFLECTION: Because we saw lots of adaptations and got told about how they work and what they help the animal with. Q: Is Antarctica really a desert? A: Yes. Q: What is the most most venomous fish? A: The Lionfish. Shark eggs look like seaweed so they blend in with seaweed. If a predator comes the baby shark senses it and stays completely still. Lionfish have 18 venomous spikes sticking out of their body. Penguins have feathers that keep them warm and their babies are brown so they can blend in with boulders. Also when they want to cool down they open their arms to expose their blubber to the cool air. Turtles can live in and out of water. Lungfish have lungs and gills. Crocodiles can make their heartbeat really slow, so they can hold their breath for two hours. Fish clean the crocodile’s teeth so it can’t live without the fish. Fish are really colourful so they blend in with the coral and also give the illusion that they’re poisonous. It made me wonder about what creatures would have been like before they adapted.

Link to aquarium website: https://www.melbourneaquarium.com.au/



100 word challenge: Hamburger!


fast supper Gloucester cathedral

Weird goal: Use a lot of capitol letters.

Yes! Yes! Yes! My delicious hamburger! I have waited years for this moment! Trapped in a wall, and now I’m finally free! But no, what’s this? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! MY HAMBURGER! THE STUPID WITCH WHO TRAPPED ME IN THE WALL IS BACK! AND SHE’S FIRED A SPELL AT ME! THAT SAME SPELL! AND THE HAMBURGER IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! IT’S EITHER I DIE WITH THE HAMBURGER OR I LIVE WITHOUT THE HAMBURGER! Sadly, I make my decision. I get trapped in the wall again but now at least have my hamburger. 😋

BTN: Violent toys



summary recalls insights questions

This video was about violent toys (mostly about Lego). You can make anything out of squares, except for circles. Lego was first invented in 1949 in Billund, Denmark. 30% of all Lego sets contain weapons. 40% of Lego catalogs show violent behavior. What was the first Lego set? What is the amount of pieces in the world’s biggest Lego set? I was surprised at how much violence and weapons there is in Lego.

Kids in 5/6 C who don’t/do have youtube accounts and if they want/don’t want one.


I made this comparison bar graph from this data:

Want one/use it Don’t want one/ don’t use it
Have one 4 4
Don’t have one 9 8

Comments: I chose this graph because you can easily compare who has, wants, doesn’t want and doesn’t have to each other. Also I don’t have a huge amount of data so that means it won’t fit with many other graphs. Some information you can get from this graph: Most people in our class don’t have a youtube account but want one. A lot of other people don’t have and don’t want a youtube account. I am surprised that 8 people in this class have a youtube account.

GDP data turned into a graph


I made this bar graph from this data.

USA 42066
Holand 36544
Canada 35222
Australia 34835
Belgium 32641
Germany 32349
Taiwan 31346
UK 31217
Japan 30866
France 30062
Spain 26662
Italy 26370
Greece 26313
Korea 25256


I chose a bar graph because it fits with the data (a big survey). Here is some information about the graph:  USA has the most GDP per capita while Korea has the least. All the countries have around 30,000 GDP.

I was surprised to see that all the countrys’ GDP was very similar.




100 word challenge- wide orange crocodile within collapsed


I was at the zoo eating an orange-flavoured lolly when the tragedy happened. That poor, poor crocodile. It just collapsed! Oh? What’s that? OK, I’ll tell you how this happened. As I said before, I was at the zoo eating an orange-flavoured lolly and looking at the crocodile enclosure. There was an old crocodile who looked about 90. Suddenly he collapsed within his exhibit! It was so sad. I asked the zookeeper if he was going to live……… but he said no. And that brings me to here, crying alone in my room.

BTN- Future lifespan



summary recalls insights questions

This video was about how long the average lifespan is. People now are generally living longer than any other time in history. The longest most humans will live for is around 115 years. The oldest person to have ever lived was aged 122. Will scientists ever discover/make a pill that lets you live forever? Where did the term ‘kick the bucket’ come from? We will live longer in the future.