100 word challenge- …but then the flash made me…


I hate school photo day. It sucks. Everything always has to go wrong. Last year I blinked when the school picture guy took the photo and the year before that I fell off the seat. It’s like I’m cursed. Anyway, it just so happens that today is school picture day. I hate that. I really hate that. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate that. EVERY SINGLE TIME something goes wrong. But I’m not going to let anything happen this time. I am going to completely focus on it. So when the guy told me to sit on the seat, I did it as carefully as I could. The man said “Say cheese!” and took the photo. But then the flash made me sneeze! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Another school photo ruined! NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

100 word challenge: …when all of a sudden…


All I wanted was a hamburger. That’s it. One hamburger. That’s all I wanted. ONE SINGLE HAMBURGER! ONE! But no. I was reaching for it when all of a sudden my stupid, annoying sister grabbed it. Surely she could have been nice enough as to let me have ONE. She’d already had two! WHY DID SHE HAVE TO HAVE MY HAMBURGER? MY DELICIOUS, TASTY, NUTRITIOUS (not really), SCRUMPTIOUS, WONDERFUL, LUSCIOUS, DAINTY, MOUTH-WATERING, PALATABLE, DELECTABLE, TOOTHSOME, SUCCULENT, APPETIZING, FLAVOURFUL, YUMMY, SCRUMMY, FINGER-LICKING, DELISH, INVITING, TEMPTING, FULL-FLAVOURED, PIQUANT, PUNGENT, MOREISH, ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC. HAMBURGER?

100 word challenge- News report



A frightful thing has just happened at the Gillion Fair, which resulted in the death of two young girls. At the time of the incident, the famous Gillion Merry-go-round was working just fine. Unfortunately, the person who ran it forgot to tighten the screws today, making the horses snap off their ropes, taking the lives of two small children with them. Luckily, only 2/7 of the kids riding it died, though it is still very sad.


 Here is a picture of the incident:

This is famous reporter, Hamish Talko, signing off.

BTN- 20 years of Harry Potter



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This video was about how old the Harry Potter books are. The Harry Potter series is 20 years old. Quidditch is now an actual sport. The Philosopher’s stone was rejected by publishers many times and initially only 500 copies were made. It has been translated into 73 different languages. When was the first Harry Potter book drafted? When was the final Harry Potter book made? Harry Potter wasn’t actually made that long ago.