100 word challenge: Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin


I hate violins. They are so high-pitched and squeaky and annoying. And they remind my of that fateful day. It was probably the unluckiest day in my entire life. Well, probably not the most unluckiest day in my entire life. The most unluckiest day in my entire life was when I spewed all over myself when I was on a roller-coaster and some went on the ride and stuffed up the system and the ride stopped and I didn’t have my seat-belt on and I flew out and broke my arm. Then on the way to the hospital the car ran out of fuel and we had to stop and get out. On the other side of the road was a cushion shop. We bought a scarlet one for me to rest my arm on while dad went and bought some petrol. Finally dad came back with petrol and some Gatorade for us all. I didn’t like mine though so I watered it onto the bushes. And that was the most unluckiest day of my life. The one about the violin was probably the second most unluckiest.