100 word challenge: Sandwich Battery Energetic White Hurried


My sandwich! My beautiful, white, lovely sandwich! It’s gone! I hurried around the schoolyard, asking if anyone had seen my sandwich. I searched far and wide, but no luck. Finally when I was about to give up, I saw the thief running away with my sandwich. I sprinted after him, so energetic it was like i’d been charged up by a battery. I caught up to him and pounced. I grabbed my sandwich, shoved him over and stomped on him for good measure. I finally have my sandwich back! Hooray! I walk back to my lunch box and see a horrible sight. Someone has stolen my chocolate cake!

100 word challenge: Escaping death


Exactly one year ago I escaped death. I was wondering down the streets when the grim reaper attacked me. He started smothering me so I couldn’t breath. I fell to the ground, gasping for breath. Then I saw a strange glowing stick. I picked it up and immediately knew what to do. I stood up, pointed the glowing stick at the grim reaper and yelled “Configadazilikarubartimambibusincakino!”. A green streak of light flew out of the end of the stick and froze the grim reaper. Nowadays you can find it at Greenlich National Park, right in the middle.

100 word challenge: …but where would we hide it all?…


“Where is it?” I asked. “I don’t know” She said. We were searching for the lost treasure of Miracuden. We were in a cave, where the legend says it’s supposed to be. We’ve been searching for years, but so far we haven’t found it. “Hang on, I’ve found something!” She said. I went over to where she was looking. There was a chest, half sticking out of the hole she’d been digging. We dug it out all the way and looked inside. I couldn’t believe it! It was the lost treasure of Miracuden! This was awesome, but where would we hide it all?

Cheesy dibbles


I really love cheesy dibbles

To me they’re like a dog and his kibbles

When I see them my mouth dribbles

Oh, the orange crunch

I eat them for lunch

I munch and munch and munch

The orange powder I lick

They make me anything but sick

They’re so deliciously good,

Eat them forever I could,

Because I really love cheesy dibbles!


5 things about a drill – Personification poem


The drill started screaming as soon as it was turned on. It slashed around at everything around it.

It destroyed the asphalt with it’s gigantic metal hand.

The drill angrily smashed the building to pieces, screaming about his pain.

The grey metal of the drill was scratched from going into battle with asphalt a million times.

The drill madly mashed the footpath to rubble.