BTN- Lab grown meat



This video was about scientists who are making lab grown meat. Australia rates in the top 10 countries in the world for the amount of meat we eat. It takes more than 15,00 litres of water to get a single kilogram of beef (because you need to give the cow water to drink). Also, people like the taste of meat but don’t like killing animals, so scientists are making lab grown meat, though some people think that it shouldn’t be called meat because it’s not from an animal, and want to make a law to ban it. The first lab grown meat took $400,000 to make, but since then companies have started investing and the prices have dropped. Does the meat taste the same? Will they be able to make substitutes for other things, like donuts, potatoes, chicken and other food? In the future they will probably have mastered the substitute meat and be working on other substitute food.

Cyber safety webinar


Today we had a cyber safety webinar. We listened to a man talking about cyber safety stuff, wrote down some notes and chatted on the website. Even though I was at a music lesson for most of it, here are some of the notes I took:

A lot of kids get targeted with winning free iPhones, which is spam! To protect computers and phones, have strong passwords, have a firewall, turn off GPS tracking, don’t use your real full name. Some kids think that sharing passwords is a sign of trust, but don’t do it! About 12% of kids in grade 3-6 don’t notice the spam and try to win stuff. The ways you can login to phones are fingerprints, eyes or your face and soon they will do heartbeat because everyone has a different heartbeat. Spammers ask for photos of your face, eyes and fingers so that they can log into your stuff.

100 word challenge- …but I didn’t understand the instructions…


Stupid ps4! Geez, technology these days! Back in the old days, in the 1960’s, there was no such thing as “ps4″or “Xbox”! We had to play video games with Nintendo Gameboys, with classics like pacman and frogger! Now my son wants me to install a ps4 for him, whatever that is! I bought one from the shops the other day, and guess how much it was? 350 dollars! Apparently on the box it says it’s easy to install, and all you need to do is to connect it to the internet, but I can’t even understand the instructions! Technology these days!

Herald sun reflection (instead of BTN): Hawaii’s volcano



This text was about a volcano that is erupting in Hawaii. The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has destroyed 26 homes, but so far hasn’t killed or injured anybody. The day after there was a 6.9 magnitude earthquake, the strongest earthquake since 1975. Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It has been erupting constantly for 35 years. When they say constantly erupting, does it mean it has been spilling lava out for 35 years, or just been bubbling inside? Will they be able to go back to their homes afterwards, or will the gas stop them? It would be kinda cool and exciting but scary to be in Hawaii while the volcano is erupting but also bad because your home gets destroyed but at least you can say you survived a volcano.

100 word challenge: My mythical creature


Skrinkle: A mythical creature that can fly, but only up to 10 metres in the air. It has no wings but uses its amazing power of mind to lift itself and other things into the air. It is light purple with yellow eyes, and it looks like a cat with an eagle’s head and a scorpion’s tail. It is about half a metre long. It has claws and a beak and it also has fur. If you look at it straight in the eye, it will turn invisible for 3 seconds. It eats mice and cornflakes. Its predators are Lions and Fearlangers, which are monsters that you can only see in your peripheral vision.

BTN- Queensland Drought



This video was about two kids who live in the outback.  Right now, almost 90 per cent of Queensland is officially in drought. It is the most widespread drought recorded in the state. Drought is when there’s hardly any rain for sometimes years at a time. That means it can be hard to grow crops, or even grass to feed animals. Angus is suffering from drought in Hughenden, in Queensland, where it can get up to 48 degrees. How long has the drought been going for? How do they get to school and stuff; by car, bus, train or something else? It is quite hard living in the outback, but pretty fun too.

100 word challenge: “When did it arrive?” I said


I was playing Fortnite when my friend Pete called me. “Quick! Come over right now!” He said. “I can’t” I replied. “There’s only five more people left in my game. I’ll come over afterwards.” “Ok” He said, and then he hung up. Later, after winning my game of Fortnite, I rode over to his house and asked him what was up. We shared some brownies and then he told me to follow him. We went outside to his backyard. There was a little purple asteroid of some sort in the ground. “It cam from the sky” he said. “When did it arrive?” I said.

BTN- Ring of fire



This video was about two earthquakes that occurred in the ring of fire. Two earthquakes happened on the school holidays in Samoan and Sumatra. Some of the largest earthquakes we’ve seen have happened in the ring of fire, an trail of land. The thin, cool layer that floats on top of the earth is called the crust. It is made up of tectonic plates, which quite a few meet up along the ring of fire. Underneath the crust is molten hot lava. Is there another type of plate? What are tectonic plates made of? Earthquakes can really actually happen anywhere, not just in specific places.