Holiday reading reflection


Over the holidays I read Simpsons comics: Madness. There were a bunch of short stories in it, so I’ll just pick one: The rise and fall of Bart Simpson. It was set in the future when the Simpsons were all grown up. Bart was in a bed, sick. He needed a new digestive tract to live, but they were really expensive. Then the doctor came in with a new digestive tract and a letter and told the that someone had sent Bart this. The letter said: To a person I owe a debt. From a friend. Lisa went on a mission to find out who the mysterious benefactor was. She asked a bunch of people and came to the conclusion that while she was at saxophone camp, Bart had met a gangster, and Bart hid the gangster from the cops. To show thanks, the gangster gave Bart a silver case, which inside were fish logs. Bart sold them at school and became rich, but then people stopped buying them and Bart was down to his last dollar. While he was selling the fish logs, he did a lot of nice things to a lot of people, who all promised they would repay him one day. When Lisa got back to the hospital, she still didn’t know who gave Bart the digestive tract, but then the doctor said someone was there to see them. They opened the door and it was Uter, a famous actor, one of the people Bart was nice to. He told them he was the mysterious benefactor. Then Bart woke up, since the operation was a success. Lisa asked him about the fish logs, and Bart said to not say those words; the reason why he was there was because he ate too much of them!

I thought this was a very funny and clever story.

Goosebumps book review


Hi, I’ve just got another book review here. Enjoy!

Title: Be afraid – be very afraid!

Author: R.L. Stine

Characters: Connor, Emily, Kyle, Mark, Amy, Mr. Zarwid, Brenda and Ross.

Setting: Inside the card game, Connor’s house, Mark’s house.

Storyline(plot): Connor and his friends get trapped inside an evil card game.

Your opinion: I think this book is pretty good. People who like other Goosebumps books will like this book.

Rating: 4/5.

Book review: Wheelnuts


Hello everyone. Just got another book review here. Hope you like it!

Reviewer’s name: Hamish.

Title: Wheelnuts! The craziest race on earth!

Author: Knife & Packer.

Characters: Nutz and Boltz: High tech robots. Dustin and Myley: Cheesy pop singers. Turbo-rex and Flappy: Tough dinosaurs. Gurgle and Burp: Gross babies. Petrolnella and Dieselina: Fairies with an attitude. Campbell and James: Old school grandson and grandfather.

Settings: Wheelie city, the desert.

Storyline(plot): The six cars are racing when suddenly they come across two huge metal scorpions! What will they do?

Your opinion: I liked how crazy the race is, and I recommend it to anyone that likes freak street since it’s by the same author.

Rating: 4/5.

Book review worlds worst children


hi this is just another book review.

Reviewer’s name: Hamish.

Title: The world’s worst children.

Author: David Walliams.

Characters: Dribbling Drew; dribbles. Bertha the Blubberer; cries. Petula Perpetual-motion; can’t stopmoving. Nigel Nit-Boy; has and likes nits. Peter Picker; picks his nose. Grubby Gertrude; unclean. Brian Wong; show-off. Windy Mindy; farts a lot. Earnest Ernest; doesn’t laugh. Sofia Sofa; lazy.

Setting: School, space, home, museum.

Storyline(plot): Naughty children get taught a lesson, depending on what they did.

Your opinion: I think this is a fantastic book for mischievous kids because it teaches them more about mischief.

Rating: 5/5.

Book review: Middle school


Hi guys, this is just a little book review. hope you enjoy!

Reviewer’s name: Hamish.

Title: Middle school: Rafe’s aussie misadventure.

Author: James Patterson.

Characters: Rafe: Hates school, boy. Mum: Rafe’s mum, paints and works at restaurant. The outsiders: Nice, like horror movies. Biff’s family, Kell: Mean, cheery, Australian.

Setting: Ellie’s house, Biff’s house, art place.

Storyline(plot): Rafe travels to Australia and sets off an evil bunyip.

Your opinion: I think this book is great and anyone who likes Andy Griffiths will like this book.

Rating: 4/5.