Cheesy dibbles


I really love cheesy dibbles

To me they’re like a dog and his kibbles

When I see them my mouth dribbles

Oh, the orange crunch

I eat them for lunch

I munch and munch and munch

The orange powder I lick

They make me anything but sick

They’re so deliciously good,

Eat them forever I could,

Because I really love cheesy dibbles!


5 things about a drill – Personification poem


The drill started screaming as soon as it was turned on. It slashed around at everything around it.

It destroyed the asphalt with it’s gigantic metal hand.

The drill angrily smashed the building to pieces, screaming about his pain.

The grey metal of the drill was scratched from going into battle with asphalt a million times.

The drill madly mashed the footpath to rubble.








Black trampolines and colourful mats

The rock climbing walls cast shadows on the floor

The quiet bounce of the trampolines is hardly heard over the shouts of kids

The soft material of the trampoline is like a giant pillow

How does this stretchy material hold my weight?

How was this fantastic place created?

I feel so free when I fly through the air

Though my stomach turns to jelly when I look down from the high obstacle course

I feel so free when I soar through the air. So free. So free.

The crickets- A camp poem


As we put on our helmets,

I was as excited as I could be,

Until I got told about the crickets,

Which really scared me.

As I crawled down the hole,

I knew I had to be brave,

for I was scared of the crickets,

right down in the cave.

I heard a drip and a drop,

Which made me jump high,

I was really freaked out now,

And this was no lie.

I kept telling myself

That I would be fine,

But I still could not keep calm.

I hate that fear of mine!

The lady told us

All about a stalactite.

It was very interesting,

And It was quite a sight.

When we moved on,

I started to relax.

But then I got scared again,

When everything went pitch black.

“Turn on your torches”

The lady said.

“Unless you’d rather

Go back instead?”

As we crawled on,

I couldn’t see any crickets.

It was starting to feel like

A really awesome exhibit.

But then one kid said,

“Everyone look up there!”

And there were two crickets,

They gave me a scare.

I hoped and hoped

That they would not fall

For if they did,

I was sure to bawl.

As we crawled past them,

It was not so bad.

And when we climbed out of the cave,

I actually felt glad!

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