My group’s Edison protocode


Our protocode: The Edison will move forward until it senses an object. If it senses an object it will turn left, move forward, turn right, move forward, then turn right, move forward, and then finally turn left and keep going to a certain spot until it either reaches another obstacle or reaches the point it was trying to get to.


The mars rover is trying to get to another patch of land so that it can find new rock samples, but there are boulders in the way. So if it senses an obstacle, it will turn left, move forward, turn right, move forward, then turn right, move forward, and then finally turn left and keep going to the patch with new rock samples, unless there is another obstacle in which case it repeats this process.

My Goals


So far this semester I have achieved being able to write more complex stories. I have been able to plan realistic and appropriate ways of testing chemical and physical reactions in science. Finally, I have had a positive attitude towards lessons and have not distracted others or gotten distracted as much.

I have not yet managed to earn how to divide with decimals but I am suspecting it is the same as just dividing normal numbers.

During this term, I am hoping to know more about the solar system and also clauses and sentences structure. I am already pretty good at poetry but maybe I could get better at writing different styles.

Camp killer clown


I put on my killer clown mask that I was going to use for the talent show and crept up the stairs to our cabin. I ran up to our cabin and pressed my ear to the door to make sure my cabin mates were in there. They were. I slowly opened the door and turned off the lights so it was pitch black. Then, as Byron went to turn on the light, I silently ran up right next to Stav, and as soon as Byron turned on the light, I yelled “RAAAAAAAAH!” and gave him the scare of his life.

Cyber safety webinar


Today we had a cyber safety webinar. We listened to a man talking about cyber safety stuff, wrote down some notes and chatted on the website. Even though I was at a music lesson for most of it, here are some of the notes I took:

A lot of kids get targeted with winning free iPhones, which is spam! To protect computers and phones, have strong passwords, have a firewall, turn off GPS tracking, don’t use your real full name. Some kids think that sharing passwords is a sign of trust, but don’t do it! About 12% of kids in grade 3-6 don’t notice the spam and try to win stuff. The ways you can login to phones are fingerprints, eyes or your face and soon they will do heartbeat because everyone has a different heartbeat. Spammers ask for photos of your face, eyes and fingers so that they can log into your stuff.

Holiday reading reflection


Over the holidays I read Simpsons comics: Madness. There were a bunch of short stories in it, so I’ll just pick one: The rise and fall of Bart Simpson. It was set in the future when the Simpsons were all grown up. Bart was in a bed, sick. He needed a new digestive tract to live, but they were really expensive. Then the doctor came in with a new digestive tract and a letter and told the that someone had sent Bart this. The letter said: To a person I owe a debt. From a friend. Lisa went on a mission to find out who the mysterious benefactor was. She asked a bunch of people and came to the conclusion that while she was at saxophone camp, Bart had met a gangster, and Bart hid the gangster from the cops. To show thanks, the gangster gave Bart a silver case, which inside were fish logs. Bart sold them at school and became rich, but then people stopped buying them and Bart was down to his last dollar. While he was selling the fish logs, he did a lot of nice things to a lot of people, who all promised they would repay him one day. When Lisa got back to the hospital, she still didn’t know who gave Bart the digestive tract, but then the doctor said someone was there to see them. They opened the door and it was Uter, a famous actor, one of the people Bart was nice to. He told them he was the mysterious benefactor. Then Bart woke up, since the operation was a success. Lisa asked him about the fish logs, and Bart said to not say those words; the reason why he was there was because he ate too much of them!

I thought this was a very funny and clever story.

Goals check-in


name:   Hamish Talko                                             .

Goals for semester 1


What I want to learn:


I want to learn how natural disasters are made and more about the government by the end of the semester.

I also want to read different and harder books.

Finally, I want to finish a book, type it up and sent it to a publisher.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


  • Borrowing different books from the library
  • Not giving up on a book
  • Paying full attention in class
  • Doing research in my own time
  • Asking questions


How I learn and behave:


I want to not get distracted as much and concentrate more on my work.

I also want to make learning fun for myself and others.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


  • Focus as much as I can
  • Make a joke every once in a while
  • Have a good sense of humour while learning at the same time


I haven’t learnt anything about natural disasters yet but I have learnt a lot about the government. I am reading books that are right for me but I don’t think I’ve read anything different. I haven’t sent a book to a publisher yet. I haven’t gotten distracted as much but I still have gotten distracted quite a bit, so I hope I can concentrate more this year. Finally, I have made learning fun for myself and others by making jokes every now and then.

Letter to parents about Australian Government


G.R: Hi mum and dad,

Here is what I know about government. Australia’s system of government is democracy, where everyone gets to vote. England’s Queen also has power over us, so we are a bit of monarchy as well. Decisions are made in Parliament house. There are two sections in parliament house: Senate and representative. Laws and decisions have to go through both houses before they are made. There are three types of government: Federal, state and local.

Here is what I want to know about government: Why are there two houses in parliament? What is the difference between them? Is there only one party that is in the government or more? Is there an election in every state? I don’t really get those last two questions, because there is only one election on TV, but Ant said that there is a party representing every state.

If you could help me with that, that would be great.


BTN- Voting changes



This BTN was about how the government is planning to get rid of group voting tickets. Right now people get to order their favourite senate candidates from one to the end, which can take a while. Most people don’t want to fill out all of them, so instead they just vote for their number one and let that candidate decide the rest. That’s known as a group voting ticket. Smaller parties often make preference deals, which is where one small party agrees to preference another small party, so they are more likely to get elected. When was this rule made? What is a senate? I reckon it’s cool how they came up with the group voting ticket system and how it works.





SRC speech


Hello fellow classmates. Today I will be talking to you about why I should be the SRC representative for our class. My name is Hamish and I have been at this school for 6 years. My sister Liv is in year 4, my brother Cohen is in grade 1 and my mum is secretary of the PA.

I believe I should be SRC because I am very organized. Most of the time I do my homework early and am always on top of things. I don’t miss many days of school and my school diary is neat. I manage my time well. I organize my week and I am almost never late for school.

I also think I should be SRC because I am good at communication and public speaking. I like debates and am pretty good at them. I do well in projects that require presenting to the class. One of my favourite hobbies right now is making youtube videos. I have a youtube channel (called The Taco Thief) and that involves speaking to lots of people. I have made over 40 videos about lots of different things. I play soccer outside of school and that involves communicating with your team. I often help kids in class when they are stuck on something and I am very clear and confident.

My final reason why I should be SRC is that I am a good leader. I am open to new learning opportunities, for example I have been to GATEWAYS multiple times. I am fair and okay if we lose. I show the school values and I am the vice captain of my house and captain of our gala sports team. Thank you for listening to my speech.