The Opzone


“Run!” I yell to my friends. “We have to get out of here!” We sprint down one of the many hallways of the Opzone, frantically trying to find a way out. Then I see a door at the end of the corridor that leads outside. If we could just make it to that door then we can hide in the forest.

“Rammy! Can you barricade the hallway?” I shout. Rammy doesn’t reply, but turns around while still running and raises his hands. Behind us, in between the SciProfs and our clan, appears a wall made out of scattered papers and files. Yep, that’s right, Rammy can control paper, which is kind of cool but not very helpful. The paper wall does not stop the SciProfs. They keep chasing after us and shooting tranquilizer guns. Finally, we made it. We burst out the doors and sprinted into the forest. Safe, but not for long. I wish that we could just grab the crystal and live and free life.

As we made our way back to our hideout, we recounted on what had happened. “That was too close, guys. We almost got caught. Who knows what they’d do to us?” I said. But they were all too exhausted to reply. Here, let me introduce you to the clan. We are a bunch of kids taken away from our parents and given powers by a place called the Opzone, run by SciProfs (Science Professors). My name is Durn, I’m the oldest, 15 years old, and I can sense and control water, but only a little. Adge, the second oldest, 13 years, can make people have dreams of whatever she chooses. Rammy, aged 10, can control paper, like I told you before, and Maddy and Bud, Brothers and sister, aged 7 and 8, can communicate telepathically. And that’s our clan. Basically, we do all we can to stay alive. However, we do have one objective. To find and steal the Zarkall crystal.

“Wake up guys! Come on!” I yell, and pull everyone out of their beds. “We have a big day ahead of us!” I say. “Today is the day we must steal that’s crystal. You know the deal.” The deal is, in fact, that we MUST have that crystal, otherwise we will die when we turn 16. That was the flaw when the Opzone gave us our powers. We need that crystal to survive. You see, when we were all at the Opzone, the crystal was in close proximity to us, so we were fine. But then they started treating us badly, hurting us, so we decided to break out and escape. Oh and guess what? I’m 15 and my birthday is in a month. That could turn into one month to live if we don’t get that crystal.

I lay out a piece of A2 paper across the table. “So, guys, any ideas?” I say. “Well, we have the secret entrance that only we know about.” Says Adge.

“Yes, we can use that, but it’s a long way away from the crystal room.” I say, putting a dot where our secret entrance is. “Durn?” says Maddy. “Yes?” I say.

“Adge made me have a bad dream.” Says Maddy.

“Come on, Adge, don’t do that.” I say. Age suppressed a laugh but agreed. Adge can be like that sometimes. Cheeky, sneaky and a bit naughty. But that’s just who she is. “Any other ideas?” I ask.

Bud starts to say something. “Well, one of us could create a distraction…” he says “while the others go to the crystal room.” Says Maddy, finishing Bud’s sentence.

“Yes, we could do that, but it’s risky.” I say.

“And I’ll give the guards good dreams all good dreams so that they stay asleep.” Says Adge.

“Okay, I think we have a pretty good plan. But we still need a plan for how to escape.” I say.

“You can make a distraction somehow with your water abilities while I create a barricade in case the guards wake up.” Says Rammy.

“Yes! Good thinking!” I say. “We execute our plan tonight.”

It was 12:00 when we arrived at the Opzone. It was nearly pitch black. Perfect! We crept round the back of the building to our secret entrance.

“Ok, I reckon Maddy should create the distraction for the patrol guards in case one comes down into our area, so that Bud can read her mind and report back to us.” I say.

“On it.” Says Maddy as she disappears down the corridor.

“Adge, can you make sure all the guards in the crystal room stay asleep?” I ask and Adge nods and closes her eyes, concentrating. When she’s done, I motion to the group to start walking. We creep down the long corridors and eventually arrive at the crystal room. We open the door slowly, and creep inside. All of the guards are asleep, as we expected, but there is a ring of fire around the crystal. I’m wondering what to do when I get an idea.

“Guys, I’ve got this.” I say in case they were about to try something. I close my eyes and concentrate as hard as I can. Slowly but surely, the coffee from all the guards coffee cups begins to rise up into a big swirling ball of coffee, which I release onto the fire. The fire goes out instantly. Rammy reaches out and grabs the jewel. About a second after he takes it, alarms go off. Of course! Of course they would have an alarm system!

As soon as we heard that alarm, we bolted.

“Maddy is waiting for us at the end of the corridor.” Bud say, and he’s right. We caught up with Maddy, and then turned a corner.

“Did I distract the guards good?” Asks Maddy.

“Yes, you did a great job, Maddy.” I say. “Not even one patrol guard came close to the crystal room.”

“Guys, no time for chatter. We gotta bust outta this joint.” Says Adge.

“Rammy, can you create another barricade at the guard’s room?” I ask as we blot down yet another hallway. Rammy nods and concentrates for second, then comes back into focus. I look behind us. Crap, About 30 guards are rushing down the hallway… and they’re armed. I look in front of us. Yes! This is the home stretch! The last corridor! If we can just make it to the doors… We reach the doors with bullets whizzing past us and burst out into the forest, but we don’t stop running. We keep running for about five minutes until we’re sure that we’ve lost them. Yes! We’ve escaped, and we have the crystal!

As we make our way back home, I look around at the clan. This has been the happiest they’ve been in years! No more getting chased by SciProfs, no more breaking in, no more running away. We finally have a free life. We have the crystal, so now all we need to worry about is putting as much distance between us and the Opzone.

Camp killer clown


I put on my killer clown mask that I was going to use for the talent show and crept up the stairs to our cabin. I ran up to our cabin and pressed my ear to the door to make sure my cabin mates were in there. They were. I slowly opened the door and turned off the lights so it was pitch black. Then, as Byron went to turn on the light, I silently ran up right next to Stav, and as soon as Byron turned on the light, I yelled “RAAAAAAAAH!” and gave him the scare of his life.

The crickets- A camp poem


As we put on our helmets,

I was as excited as I could be,

Until I got told about the crickets,

Which really scared me.

As I crawled down the hole,

I knew I had to be brave,

for I was scared of the crickets,

right down in the cave.

I heard a drip and a drop,

Which made me jump high,

I was really freaked out now,

And this was no lie.

I kept telling myself

That I would be fine,

But I still could not keep calm.

I hate that fear of mine!

The lady told us

All about a stalactite.

It was very interesting,

And It was quite a sight.

When we moved on,

I started to relax.

But then I got scared again,

When everything went pitch black.

“Turn on your torches”

The lady said.

“Unless you’d rather

Go back instead?”

As we crawled on,

I couldn’t see any crickets.

It was starting to feel like

A really awesome exhibit.

But then one kid said,

“Everyone look up there!”

And there were two crickets,

They gave me a scare.

I hoped and hoped

That they would not fall

For if they did,

I was sure to bawl.

As we crawled past them,

It was not so bad.

And when we climbed out of the cave,

I actually felt glad!

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